ISC Silver E-Mail
Certificate Enrollment

ISC Silver E-Mail Certificates - No Longer Offered for Sale

ISC is offering renewable X.509v3 certificates with a one year validity period for $10.00 USD per year. Serving as a binding between your validated e-mail address and your public key, your ISC Silver E-Mail Subscriber certificate:

  • authenticates your e-mail address
  • can be used to establish secure, authenticated communications with business partners and other correspondents
  • is freely available to the public through ISC's on-line LDAP repository
  • may be used with all ISC certificate-based products, all popular browsers, the USPS Electronic Postmark System, and most RFC3280-compliant third party applications
  • Your certificate can be used by correspondents to:
  • encrypt documents (and e-mail) that only you can decrypt
  • authenticate you as the originator of documents you have digitally signed
  • obtain assurance of message integrity and evidence in support of non-repudiation (when used within the USPS EPM System)

NOTE: The initial $10 enrollment fee is waived for new SpyProof! licensees. See below for details.


To complete the enrollment process:

  1. Please read the following agreement before continuing:

    Relying Party Agreement

  2. Select one of the following enrollment links and you will be transferred to the CertAgent website hosting our Silver E-Mail Subscriber CA:
    (Subscription links have been disabled)

    NOTE: If you select the second of these two links, your e-mail address must be provided in the PKCS#10 file you submit or your certificate request will be rejected.

  3. After you (or your browser) submits your certificate request to our CA, you will be transferred back to a payment page on this website. Click the "Buy Now" button to make a $10 payment via PayPal, or make a note of your certificate request ID and contact us to make a direct credit card payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Checks and purchase orders are not accepted.
  4. Once we have received payment (or verified your coupon code), you will be sent a certificate retrieval link via e-mail. You must following that link to validate your e-mail address and pick up your certificate. IMPORTANT: When following this link, you must be using the same computer and the same user account that you were using when you submitted your certificate request. Your certificate will only be published if it is retrieved in this manner. (Certificate requests for which we have not received payment within two weeks may be discarded.)

NOTE: ISC will waive the first year enrollment fee for those users who have obtained a SpyProof! license within the last three months.
To take advantage of this offer simply do the following:

  • follow steps 1 and 2 and the first part of step 3 above to submit your certificate request
  • when you get to the Certificate Request Payment Form in step 3, complete the Voucher Submission section entering your SpyProof! serial number as the Coupon Code and click Submit.

We will review your request and issue your certificate upon successful verification of your information. Retrieve your certificate as in step 4 above. Please allow 2-3 business days for the processing of your request.

ISC certificate services are offered AS IS, and without warranty. The relying party agrees to make his own determination regarding the appropriate use of certificates and services.

Certificates For Secure SecretAgent—PGP Transactions

Instructions for using PGP 6/7/8 to obtain an ISC Silver E-Mail Subscriber certificate based on an existing legacy RSA key may be found here.

Run Your Own CA

Need a low-cost, full-featured X.509 certificate authority — with no per-certificate fees! — to jump-start your own PKI? Check out the latest release of CertAgent.