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04/29/10: ISC Releases CSPid 2.1
02/01/10: SecretAgent 6.0.3 receives DISA JITC certification of compatibility with the DoD PKI
05/08/09: ISC Releases CSPid 2.0
05/04/09: ISC Releases SecretAgent 6.0.3
03/16/09: ISC Releases DAS 1.8
12/11/08: ISC Releases CMU 2.1.0
11/21/08: ISC Releases CKG 1.5.1
08/14/08: ISC Releases SpyProof! 6.0.1
08/08/08: ISC Releases CertAgent 5.5
06/02/08: ISC Releases SecretAgent 6 Enterprise and Administrator Editions
06/02/08: ISC Releases SpyProof! Enterprise Edition
05/23/08: ISC earns 'Works with Windows Vista' logo status for SecretAgent and SpyProof!
03/24/08: ISC earns 'Certified for Windows Vista' logo status for CSPid.
06/18/07: ISC Wins Data-At-Rest Encryption Contract. Through DoD's Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) and GSA's SmartBUY programs, OMB, DoD, and GSA awarded to ISC a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) covering SecretAgent, DAS and SpyProof! Federal, state and local government agencies can now purchase these products at a significant discount "to protect sensitive, unclassified data residing on government laptops, other mobile computing devices and removable storage media devices." For details, see the ESI website.

11/20/06: ISC's DAS interoperability demonstration project (IT 03.09) for CWID 2006 has been judged a "top performing technical solution" and is listed among the top twelve "standout" projects in the final report .

PDF logo CWID 2006 Final Report (PDF)

7/26/05: ISC Releases SecretAgent Document Access Servlet (DAS)

7/26/05: ISC Releases SecretAgent 5.9

7/01/04: ISC Releases SecretAgent Mobile for Pocket PC

12/11/03: ISC Launches Certificate Service Supporting ECC

9/30/03: ISC Receives NIST/CSE FIPS 140-1 Certification for CDK 7.0

9/16/03: ISC Ships SecretAgent® 5.7 for Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris

3/27/03: ISC Ships Enhanced SecretAgent® 5.7for Windows

2/20/03: ISC Ships SecretAgent® 5.6 for Pocket PCs

10/24/02: SecretAgent 5.6 receives official notice of conformance with the DoD PKI from DISA's JITC PKE Certification Lab.

10/03/02: SecretAgent 5.6 passes DoD PKI interoperability testing at DISA's JITC PKE Certification Lab at Ft. Huachuca.

08/28/02: Meridian Technology Group announces partnership with ISC

06/14/02: ISC Renews SecretAgent "Trade-Up" Offer for PGP Users
05/24/02: CDK 7.0 Passes FIPS 140-1 Testing and is Submitted to NIST for Approval
04/22/02: ISC Debuts Low-Cost Certificate Authority Software
04/16/02: ISC Offers Trade-Up Program to PGP Users
01/08/02: ISC Announces the Release of SecretAgent 5.5
01/04/02: eCONNECT Offers SecretAgent to eCashPad Customers
09/26/01: ISC Releases Free File Decryptor
08/01/01: SecurePhone™ Wins Internet Telephony's Editor's Choice Award for 2001
05/15/00: Information Security Corporation Announces Secure Telephony Software
03/16/98: Aldmyr Systems Uses dsaSIGN in DoD Travel Application
11/12/97: CertCo Demonstrates Interoperability with SecretAgent
10/08/97: ISC Adds PKI Support to its SecretAgent and DSA Signature Software
01/27/97: ISC and Entrust Announce SecretAgent Support for Entrust PKI
01/27/97: ISC and Spyrus Announce SecretAgent Support for EES LYNKS Privacy Card
10/23/96: SecretAgent To Support Novell NDS
09/01/96: Mobile Office Reviews SecretAgent
12/02/96: Federal Computer Week Rates SecretAgent a "Government Best Buy"
12/01/96: PC Magazine Reviews SecretAgent
2/24/94: ISC Adds Support For the RSA Public Key Cryptosystem to SecretAgent
1/5/94: AT&T Offers Licenses for ISC's Cryptographic Development Kits
11/3/93: AT&T Resells AT&T-Branded SecretAgent, dsaSIGN, and SecureZMODEM
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