Information Security Corporation Announces Secure Telephony Software



Information Security Corporation Announces Secure Telephony Software

Deerfield, IL -- Information Security Corporation (ISC) announces SecurePhone™, secure telephony software for Windows 98/NT/2000. SecurePhone allows a person to use their PC as a secure telephone, encrypting voice conversations held over the Internet (using existing TCP/IP stacks) or over ordinary telephone lines (using modems). It also provides strong authentication of the party at the opposite end of the connection.

Offering two-way (full duplex) encrypted communications, SecurePhone comes in two versions. SecurePhone Lite, freely exportable* and available as a free download from the ISC website, offers 40-bit DES voice encryption, 512-bit key agreement/authentication, and support for low bandwidth connections. SecurePhone Pro offers triple DES for voice encryption, elliptic curve cryptography and up to 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman for key agreement/authentication, and much better voice quality than the Lite version for high-bandwidth connections. (Contact ISC for pricing information.)

“SecurePhone provides state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect against eavesdropping and is stronger than most digital cellular telephone services,” said Tom Venn, President of ISC. elemedia® software voice coders provide better than toll quality voice compression at 10 Kbps. Low bandwidth support at 3Kbps is also provided. An address book, speed dial buttons, and customizable graphical user interface make the product as easy to use as a standard office telephone.

“ISC has been involved in the encryption of data since 1989. The era of secure voice has now arrived. SecurePhone provides strong voice encryption in a portable, and inexpensive manner. And we partnered with Lucent to make certain that our customers get the absolute best voice quality available,” Venn added.

SecurePhone also allows distant callers to keep in touch without incurring long distance telephone charges. “By sending compressed and encrypted digital voice packets over the Internet, SecurePhone maintains high quality voice transmission while bypassing the traditional telephone network,” Venn stated. “You can conceivably call the other side of the world and carry on a secure conversation at the cost of a local telephone call,” Venn concluded.

SecurePhone will run on any Pentium class PC or higher. The program requires Windows 98, NT, or 2000, a sound card with full duplex drivers, a microphone and speakers or integral head/handset, and an internet connection or modem (28.8 Kb or better is recommended).

Founded in 1989, ISC specializes in the design and development of standards-conforming cryptographic software. Since 1993, ISC has partnered with AT&T in the development of many software security products including the popular AT&T SecretAgentâ file encryption/digital signature utility, the AT&T Cryptographic Development Kits, and HP’s Praesidium CDSA CSP.

*Except to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria

For more information, reporters may contact:
Thomas J. Venn, President
Information Security Corporation
(847) 405-0500

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