ISC CDK 7 Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AESImplementation of the NIST Advanced Encryption Standard ("AES"), FIPS 197
AlgorithmBase class for tracking algorithm errors and internal system states
asnInternal data type used for ASN.1 BER/DER encoding/decoding
CertData type used for encoding and decoding individual X.509 certificates
certidData type used to detect matching certificates
ChainData type used for processing X.509 certificate chains
CMS1Data type used for in-memory PKCS #7 operations (RFC 3852 CMS)
CRCImplementation of the IEEE 32-bit CRC
CRLData type used for creating and processing certificate revocation lists
DateData type used for date and time processing
DESImplementation of the NIST Data Encryption Standard (DES, TDES, and variants), FIPS 46-3/81
DNameData type used for representing and processing X.500 distinguished names
EESImplementation of the NIST EES ("Skipjack"), FIPS 185
FParmsData type used to specify arithmetic parameters for various rings and fields
GParmsData type used to specify arithmetic parameters for various groups, including elliptic curves
GroupDataData type used to store parameters for particular Abelian groups
ISC_CDKBase class for FIPS 140-1 on-demand self-tests, error state tracking, and convenience utilities
KeyClass Key is the principal data type used for public and private keys and all related cryptographic operations
MD2Implementation of the RFC 1319 MD2 message digest
MD5Implementation of the RFC 1321 MD5 message digest
NatData type used to represent elements of various algebraic objects
numImplementation of the arithmetic in various groups, rings, and fields
ParametersBase class for arithmetic parameters (used to define various algebraic structures)
partyInternal data type used by the implementation of class TLS to encapsulate various cryptographic operations
PasswordImplementation of the NIST FIPS 181 Automated Password Generator
PointData type used to represent the elements of, and abstract the operations in, various Abelian groups, including elliptic curves
PRNGImplementation of the NIST FIPS 186-2 Pseudorandom Number Generator
RC2Implementation of the RC2 symmetric block cipher
RC4Implementation of the RC4 stream cipher
recinfoLowest level data type used to process ASN.1 data
RSAImplementation of RSA-based cryptographic schemes
SHAImplementation of the NIST Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA/SHA-1), FIPS 180-1
SHA2Implementation of the Extended NIST Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA-256/-384/-512), FIPS 180-2
SignatureData type used for digital signature operations
SignerData type used for CMS digital signature operations
strClass str is somewhat similar to the STL std::string type
TLSData type used to implement SSLv2/TLS. For details, see RFC 2246
tokenopData type used by callbacks to do private key operations, possibly on a hardware token

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