asn.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Interface definition for low-level ASN.1 functions.

Implemented in asn1.cpp.


namespace  cdk

Data Structures

struct  recinfo
 Lowest level data type used to process ASN.1 data. More...
struct  Date
 Data type used for date and time processing. More...
struct  asn
 Internal data type used for ASN.1 BER/DER encoding/decoding. More...


typedef double cdk::TimeT
 Data type used to extend UNIX time format.


enum  cdk::tags {
  cdk::Bool = 0x01,
  cdk::Int = 0x02,
  cdk::Bit = 0x03,
  cdk::Oct = 0x04,
  cdk::Obj = 0x06,
  cdk::Asc = 0x13,
  cdk::Asc0C = 0x0C,
  cdk::Asc14 = 0x14,
  cdk::Asc16 = 0x16,
  cdk::Asc1A = 0x1A,
  cdk::T_Date17 = 0x17,
  cdk::T_Date = 0x18,
  cdk::Unicode = 0x1E,
  cdk::Seq = 0x30,
  cdk::Set = 0x31 ,
  cdk::VarStr = 0x0B,
  cdk::VarInt = 0x1F,
  cdk::VarNum = 0x0D,
  cdk::VarDate = 0x0E,
  cdk::TagOption = 0x0F,
  cdk::BitTrunc = -3
 ASN.1 tags for simple types and aliases for various BER/DER encoding bytes. More...


_cdkpub TimeT cdk::timegmt ()
 Get the current time (GMT) in UNIX format.

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