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#include <pass.h>

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Detailed Description

Implementation of the NIST FIPS 181 Automated Password Generator.

Usage flow:
  Password()          // instantiate a Password object
  init()              // seed its internal pseudorandom number generator
  SuggestPassword()   // call as often as desired to obtain pronouceable passwords

Recommendations for strict FIPS 140-1 compliance:
  This class produces pronouncable passwords according to FIPS 181. It provides
  and uses only FIPS approved functions.


The NIST Automated Password Generator is specified in FIPS 181.

Public Member Functions

_cdkpub int init (const char *r24, const char *oldpass, int test1=0)
 Initialize this Password object.
_cdkpub int SuggestPassword (int min, int max, char *without, char *with)
 Get a pronounceable password in the specified length range.

Member Function Documentation

_cdkpub int init ( const char *  r24,
const char *  oldpass,
int  test1 = 0 

Initialize this Password object.

r24 a pointer to 24 random bytes (possibly generated by PRNG::gens(24))
oldpass a pointer to (no more than 8) random bytes
test1 FIPS 140-1 compliance flag: 0 prevents the internal daytime function from collecting real time information. Used only for test purposes; see cdk::Test_PWD_Generator().

_cdkpub int SuggestPassword ( int  min,
int  max,
char *  without,
char *  with 

Get a pronounceable password in the specified length range.

min a minimum length for the requested password (must be positive)
max a maximum length for the requested password (must be greater than or equal to min)
without a pointer to an output buffer (of size max+1) for the generated password
with a pointer to an output buffer (of size 2*max) for the password with hyphens inserted (as an aid to pronunciation)
0 (success)
1 or CDK_ERROR_STATE (failure)

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