des.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Interface definition for class DES (DES, TDES, and variants; FIPS 46-3/81).

DES is specified in: FIPS 46-2 (1994), ANSI X3.92-1981, FIPS 74, ISO/IEC 8731:1987.

DES modes of operation are specified in: FIPS 81 (1980), ISO/IEC 8372

Triple DES (TDES) is specified in FIPS 46-3 (1999), ANSI x9.17-1985, and X9.52-1998.

TDES modes of operation are specified in NIST SP 800-20 and SP800-38A.

DESX was first suggested by R. Rivest and has been analyzed by J. Killian and P. Rogaway and by RSA Security Inc.

Class DES is implemented in des.c.


namespace  cdk

Data Structures

class  DES
 Implementation of the NIST Data Encryption Standard (DES, TDES, and variants), FIPS 46-3/81. More...

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