str.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Types for handling strings and various cryptographic PDUs.

Implemented in str.c.


namespace  cdk

Data Structures

struct  str
 Class str is somewhat similar to the STL std::string type. More...


template<class T>
void cdk::operator+= (T &t, const str &x)
 Operator template used to add() a str object to an object of type T.
template<class T>
str cdk::tostr2 (const T &t)
 Template used to convert an object of type T into a str object.
template<class T>
str cdk::DoHash (const str &x, int v=1)
 Template used to hash a str object using a message digest of type T.
_cdkpub str cdk::hex (const char *hexstr)
 Create a str object by parsing a specified string of hex digits.

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