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#include <tls.h>

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Detailed Description

Internal data type used by the implementation of class TLS to encapsulate various cryptographic operations.

Public Member Functions

 party (int sflag)
Object Reuse and Initialization
void clear ()
 Clear this object's communications buffer and certificate cache.
void init (const str &key, const str &iv)
 Load an RC4, DES, TDES, or AES key and IV.
bool isClient () const
 Predicate used to determine if this object represents a client or a server.

Data Fields

str buf
 communications buffer
str cer
 this party's certificate cache

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

party ( int  sflag  )  [inline]


sflag client/server indicator: 0 for client, 1 for server

Member Function Documentation

void init ( const str key,
const str iv 

Load an RC4, DES, TDES, or AES key and IV.

key an RC4, DES or AES key
iv an IV for DES-CBC, TDES-CBC, or AES-CBC mode
If +iv=8, key must be an 8-byte DES-CBC key, or a 16- or 24-byte TDES key; if +iv=16, key is assumed to be an AES key and must be 16, 24, or 32 bytes in length.

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