tokenop Struct Reference

#include <cert.h>

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Detailed Description

Data type used by callbacks to do private key operations, possibly on a hardware token.

Public Member Functions

 tokenop ()
bool hasCallback () const
 Predicate used to determine whether a callback has been registered.
int keysize () const
 Get size of symmetric key in bytes (for CAPI).

Data Fields

int format
 archive type (0 for sa5, 1 for CMS)
int sigformat
 signature type (0 for SHA1, 1 for TLS, 2 for SHA256, 3 for SHA384, 5 for SHA512)
int isSig
 operation identifier: 0 for decrypt, 1 for sign
void * tokeninfoptr
 pointer to opaque data passed to callback
str wrapped
 wrapped session key
str hash
 message digest to be signed
str cipher
 cipher (for CAPI)
str cer
 certificate (if available)
certid cid
 certificate ID (if decrypting CMS)
str parameters
 DL parameters.
str ephemeral
 ephemeral key for DL operations
str shared
 DH parameter.
str publickey
 public key (if available)
str privatekey
 private key (p8 or p12)
str password
 password for private key
str rand
 random value for DL operations (unused for RSA)
str result
 return value provided by callback function
TokenCallback cb
 callback function (NULL if none is registered)

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