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PDF logo CMU 2.6.0 man page (PDF) 09/01/17 Documentation on the CMU command line interface.
download icon CMU VPAT 05/29/09

Section 508 VPAT for cmu 2.x.

  • p: if the user's Outlook profile is configured with more than one email account, the account marked "default" is used
  • support added to set the default signing certificate in Adobe Acrobat and Reader, versions 10, 11, and DC
  • support for Windows XP has been dropped
CMU 2.3.2
  • c: no longer modifies the client authentication flag for certificates that aren't sign capable
CMU 2.3.1
  • m: added AES256 to S/MIME capabilities list when configuring user's MAPI security profile
  • q: added support for the specification of a custom search base option when creating LDAP queries for Outlook 2007/2010
  • i: added support for the importing of .cer files into Mozilla apps
  • z: added command to erase CAPI credentials
  • numerous bug fixes
CMU 2.1.0
  • Workaround: If 'cmu -i' fails to import multiple PKCS#12 files into Firefox, just split the command line into multiple calls each of which imports a single PKCS#12 file. This seems to fix the '1704 error' that may occur with mutliple files in a single invocation.
  • fixed the following bugs in 2.0.0:
    ID      Summary
    3782    i: crashes on .p12 import
    3783    i: mport fails to parse attached b64 certs
    3785    s: synchronization is aborted on first error
    3786    e: export fails if certificate has unicode CN
    3787    e: export stops on first failure
    3788    d: crash results if protocol is not specified in URL
    3789    error return codes not written to screen or log file upon exit
    3795    -h usage string failed to document new -i switch
    3853    m -Di: returns 0 even if supplied akid doesn't match configured certs in
    3919    NSS password parsing anomaly
    3925    d: cmu fails to detect error response from server
    3927    s -N: behaves strangely when importing certs into Netscape 7.2
    3928    p, m: 'freshest cert' test using wrong dates?
    4102    i -N: use of invalid p12 password results in wrong error code
    4103    i -N: use of invalid db password results in wrong error code
CMU 2.0.0
  • simplified command line syntax allows only one function per invocation, but provides much better error reporting
  • added capability to filter freshest end-user certificates by issuing CAs authorityKeyIdentifier value when configuring TLS client authentication in CAPI
  • added 'u' function to update SecretAgent and/or SpyProof! profiles with freshest signing and encryption certificates
  • added support for transparently handling base64-encoded certificate and PKCS#7 files; fixed some PKCS#12 parsing issues
  • removed '-C' option -- CAPI operations are now the default; use the '-N' switch to ignore CAPI and perform all operations on/using Netscape databases
CMU 1.9.22
  • HTTPS-related bug fixes
CMU 1.9.21
  • modified DownloadURL() function to support POST of file contents; added '-u' and '-w' switches
  • fixed bug causing 'd' command to abort when a browser is running
  • improved some error messages
CMU 1.9.20
  • fixed handling of certificates without a basicContraint extension when using the '-C' option with the 'p' command
  • compile-time optimization changed from speed to minimal size
CMU 1.9.19
  • added '-s' option to provide finer control over which certificate attributes are modified when publishing to GAL: with '-s', only 'userCertificate' is updated, 'userSMIMECertificate' is unchanged
  • fixed bug in publish to GAL
CMU 1.9.18
  • added '-T' option
  • improved event log entry when unable to export private key from CAPI
CMU 1.9.17
  • added support for importing p12 files with more than one private key
  • added '-N' option to perform only Netscape operations (not touching CAPI stores)
  • added '-P' option for password constraints
  • publish to GAL via CAPI no longer requires that the private key be exportable
  • modified '-v' command
  • fixed handling of backslash in passwords
  • fixed 'm' command when Outlook is not the default mail client
  • fixed publish to GAL for POP3 servers
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