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Whether you are a systems integrator wishing to add confidentiality, data integrity, and authentication to your custom solutions or an applications programmer needing to add encryption and digital signature functions to a new document management system or e-mail client, the SA6APIs can provide the security features you need.

Uses and Features

The SA6APIs facilitate the integration of SecretAgent's security features into your own applications. Supplied functions include:

  • RSA, DSA, or ECDSA key generation (with optional PKCS#10 certificate request output)
  • file sign, encrypt, or sign and encrypt (encryption uses a hybrid cipher in which random symmetric keys are wrapped with specified users' public keys; RSA, DSA, and ECDSA signature schemes are supported; supplied symmetric ciphers include AES, DES, TDES, DESX, and EA2)
  • file inspect, validate, or decrypt and validate
  • secure file erasure
  • X.509 version 3 certificate parsing and chain validation (with optional CRL checking)
  • PKCS#12 import (conversion of an RSA/DSA PKCS#12 file into a certificate file and TDES-encrypted PKCS#8 private key file)
  • a growing list of CA functions (e.g., issue/revoke certificates, etc.)

Available Packages

SA6API packages are available in the following formats:

  • command line executables for Windows, UNIX, or Mac OS X
  • dynamic load libraries (DLLs) for Windows or static libraries for UNIX
    and Mac OS X
  • COM interfaces for VisualBASIC applications
  • a Java JNI interface for Windows and UNIX platforms (including Mac OS X)

Various graphical user interface components similar to those found in our shrink-wrapped products can also be supplied upon request.

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