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SecretAgent 5.9.4
Download and run this program to update SecretAgent 5.7.x through 5.9.3 (any patch level), to release 5.9.4. A summary of the release notes is here.

Note: This update package is intended for individual users only; it cannot be 'pushed out' to users via PolicyAgent's automatic software update feature. If you are a system administrator and need a redistributable 5.9.4 build that can be used with auto-update, please contact ISC technical support to obtain the alternate update program.

User's Guide
End-user documentation for SecretAgent 5.9
Entrust Integration Guide
Brief guide explaining how to install and configure Entrust integration support for SecretAgent 5.9

SA 5.8 FAQ
Step-by-step instructions for creating a master password after upgrading from release 5.7.x or earlier.

Add-in for WordPerfect Office 12
Adds encrypt and/or sign functionality to WordPerfect Office 12; requires SecretAgent 5.8 or above.

Plug-ins for Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
For Outlook 2000/XP/2003 and SecretAgent 5.9 or above.

Plug-ins for Lotus Notes
E-mail plug-in for Lotus Notes R5/R6 and SecretAgent 5.8 or above.

Add-on for OpenPGP Support

PGP Interoperability Guidelines

OpenPGP Interoperability Matrix


For SecretAgent 5.7 - 5.9/Windows only. Enables the RFC2440 "OpenPGP' support features in the SA GUI (unless the local security policy explicitly disables them).

Download '', extract 'gpgisc.dll', and copy it into your SecretAgent installation folder. OpenPGP features will be enabled the next time you start SecretAgent.

('gpgisc.dll' is custom build of's GnuPG 1.2.1 executable. In compliance with the GNU Public License on GnuPG, complete source code is available for cost of the media plus shipping and handling. Contact ISC for further information.)

Refer to the 'PGP Interoperability Guidelines' and 'OpenPGP Interoperability Matrix' for tips and tricks that facilitate interoperability between SecretAgent 5.7/5.8/5.9 and several popular OpenPGP implementations.

DoD PKI security policy
A sample security policy providing strict compliance with NIST FIPS 140-1 and DISA JITC PKI requirements

Administrator's Guide: PolicyAgent and Key Recovery for SecretAgent
Network Administrator/Security Officer's addendum to the SecretAgent 5.9 manual. Explains how to create security policies for SecretAgent using PolicyAgent and how to perform data recovery (i.e., emergency file decryption) on .sa5 files using the Key Recovery Utility.
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