SecretAgent 5 Add-in for WordPerfect Office 12


This add-in provides access to SecretAgent's encrypt and sign functions from within WordPerfect Office 12. Using the Encrypt and Sign buttons it adds to your WordPerfect toolbar:

WP toolbar with SA buttons

or the corresponding items in the SecretAgent menu it creates:

SA menu in WP Office

you can encrypt and/or sign your active WordPerfect document without switching applications.


To install this package:

  1. Check that SecretAgent 5.8 or later is installed on your computer, then download the WordPerfect Add-in installer by selecting the link below:

    download icon WordPerfect Office 12 Add-in

    Allow your browser to save the file to your disk, or open and run it directly from our website.
  2. Run sawp12.exe, if it is not started automatically by your browser, and follow the instructions presented by the installation program.

Using the Macros

To encrypt and/or sign the current WordPerfect document:

  1. Click the Encrypt (resp., Sign) button on your WordPefect toolbar, or select Encrypt (resp., Sign) from the SecretAgent menu.
  2. If the active document has not yet been saved, you will be prompted to save it.
  3. The document will be closed and SecretAgent's Encrypt (resp. Sign) dialog will appear.
  4. If you are signing, you will be prompted to enter your password. If you are encrypting, you may now select recipients or, if you wish, modify the encryption settings.
  5. Click OK to begin the encrypt and/or sign operation.


  • You must have SecretAgent 5.8 or above installed prior to installing this add-in package. If you have an earlier release of SecretAgent 5 installed on your system, be sure to obtain an appropriate upgrade before installing any add-ins.
  • The add-in installation program simply copies 'SecretAgentWP.dll' to your SecretAgent installation folder and registers it with Windows in such a way that it will be recognized by WordPerfect the next time it is started. (The Windows registry key that is added/modified to accomplish this task is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Corel\WordPerfect\12\Third Party)
  • To remove the add-in from your system, open the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel, select 'SecretAgent WordPerfect Addin (remove only)," and click Change/Remove.
  • This add-in has been designed for, and tested on, WordPerfect Office 12 Standard Edition with SecretAgent 5.8. It has not been tested on any earlier releases or other editions of WordPerfect, but may work with them as well.